Ly Son Black Garlic

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Ly Son Black Garlic

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Black Tiger A Ly Son is selected from the best quality Ly Son Root Garlic and the largest size to ferment into Black Tiger A Ly Son
The technology of fermenting Black Garlic Ly Son is the advanced technology of Japan was successfully adjusted to apply to the Ly Son garlic, which is very small size (1.5 to 4.5 cm diameter) compared to Japanese garlic (4-7 cm diameter). The essence of the production technology of Ly Son black garlic is the slow fermentation process of fresh garlic in the temperature of 40 - 80 degrees Celsius and humidity of 60 - 95%
Black Tiger An Son - A gift of meaning and luxury
A Ly Son Shrimp Garlic will be a meaningful gift, courtesy and elegance when presented. We are proud to bring joy, confidence to you when giving gifts to family, customers, partners
1. What is black garlic?
Black garlic is slowly fermented in a temperature range of 20 - 80 ° C, humidity of 60-95% from 30-45 days. After fermentation, the color of the garlic cloves will turn black, pleasant aroma, eat in sweet taste. In particular, after the fermentation, the good quality of garlic will be increased several times and form new compounds that are highly effective in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, especially cancer and cardiovascular disease. .
Black Tiger Leprosy Garlic after the medium size fermentation as Ly Son garlic is selected, the outer shell is brown or dark brown. Outside is a large shrimp, inside the core is a small shrimps. While the other types of black garlic inside are also large or without layers inside. If the peeled off the meat is only a few
You can rely on the characteristics of a Black Tiger Ly Son to identify and distinguish Black Tiger One Acacia Garlic with other types of black garlic, avoid buying the wrong.
Black Tiger An Acacia Short Cut Eat is a very sweet and delicious dish that other types of black garlic do not have.
In Vietnam, there are also a number of black garlic production facilities for the market. However, most of them use lemon garlic as a raw material because of the cheap price and easy to peel and most of them This is the cause of misunderstanding for consumers, customers save when buying goods to blame for undue damage.
2. The effects of black garlic A Ly Son
a) Ly Son black garlic protects the body against cancer and reduces cholesterol
Long-term fermentation has turned ordinary garlic into a "super garlic". S-allylcysteine ​​(a natural constituent found in fresh garlic) and a derivative of cysteine ​​amino acid are found to be much more abundant in black garlic than fresh garlic. These two components can reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer.
b) Black garlic Ly Son Prawn protects the body against infection
Fresh garlic contains antimicrobial, antibiotic and anti-fungal agents in its allicin active ingredient. In black garlic, S-allylcysteine ​​supports the absorption of allicin, which facilitates the absorption and metabolism of allicin more easily, thus greatly enhancing the body's ability to protect itself against bacteria, invasive viruses. enter, infection.
c) Ly Son black pepper also protects the body against disease
Fresh garlic is a very high antioxidant food. A Ly Son Prawn Black Garlic is proven to have twice the antioxidant properties of fresh garlic. Antioxidants protect cells from disease, aging, and are therefore believed to slow down the aging process. The antioxidant capacity of black garlic is very high to protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals. Therefore, Ly Son Black Garlic becomes the ideal food to support the treatment of chronic diseases (caused by cells damaged by free radicals) such as heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, circulation, rheumatoid arthritis and many other chronic diseases.
d) Other effects of Black Tiger A Ly Bath
In addition to the same effect as regular garlic, Black Tiger Ao Dai also has a very valuable effect. Studies on the biological effects of black garlic showed that organic sulfur compounds, derivatives of tetrahydro-β-carboline, were formed by strong fermentation, free radical scavenging and process suppression. Peroxidation is higher than normal garlic.
Research results show that black garlic extract has a strong effect against tumor cells, thus preventing and supporting treatment of cancer. The mechanism of action of black garlic is not by direct cytotoxicity but by way of stimulating the immune response, eliminating the possibility of metastasis of tumor cells.
The study also showed that S-allyl-L-cysteine-rich black garlic reduces the incidence of colon tumors and unusual congestion, the earliest clinical signs of colon cancer. The results also suggest that black garlic has a prophylactic effect on cancer-causing agents by inhibiting the growth of tumor cells.
n also have the effect of regulating blood sugar. Fresh fermented garlic to form black garlic to lose the pungent smell of fresh garlic, making garlic cloves become more palatable, easier to eat, and disappeared foul odor after eating garlic. Instant black garlic flavored with dried fruit, sweet and slightly chewy, is often eaten and decorated in many dishes in large restaurants. In addition, people eat a lot of fresh garlic, in addition to breath garlic smell out, garlic also cause body odor. Black garlic does not have these smells, even when people eat a lot of black garlic to supplement health does not smell. So, black garlic has a good effect on health, just eat delicious. As such, it is increasingly used in restaurants of high quality and in many cuisines in the world. Targeted use of Li Garlic Black Pepper · Resilient · Frequent exposure to toxic environment · Patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood fat · Patients with diabetes · Patients Arthritis patients · Patients with other chronic diseases4. Instructions for using and preserving Black Garlic A Black Tiger Ly Son Cutter can be peeled directly or processed with other dishes depending on the palette of the food directly to eat with other dishes depending on the taste. use 1-4 bulbs a day (can be used more if the stomach is not hot after use) · Store in a cool dry place, store in refrigerator cooler as possible






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