Black Garlic Wine Anfa 750ml

Product information: Original: Vietnam. Type: Glass bottle 750ml. ABV: 38%vol. Wholesale: With bulk number, please contact Mr. Thuong 0937 234 977 for discount or the like

Black Garlic Wine Anfa 750ml

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 Anfa Black Garlic Gold 750ml
Ly Son Garlic is known to be an essential spice in Vietnamese daily meals. With fresh new technology Ly Son garlic will now be fermented in certain temperature and humidity conditions to produce Ly Son black garlic because in black garlic there are many active biological compounds, however, two compounds Polyphenol and S-allyl cysteine ​​are of greatest interest. The two compounds in fresh garlic are low in content, but after long-term fermentation, these compounds are produced in high-content black garlic, several times higher than fresh garlic and stable in quality. expiry date The levels of polyphenols and S-allyl cysteine ​​present in Ly Son black garlic and their stability during shelf life are considered as one of the important factors for evaluating product quality.
Anfa black garlic wine made from black garlic Ly Son combined with glutinous wine through new treatment technology toxins in alcohol and soaked for more than a year to bring a new taste when used. Supports digestion, helps digestion, lowers cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, protects the arteries, stabilizes blood pressure, relieves joint pain, reduces aging, Strong, cheerful and active spirit
Objects to use:
Good for everyone, especially those with high blood pressure, blood fat, impaired liver function, insomnia, limbs or pain ...
Manual instruction:
Drink 10-20ml / time, drink 2-3 times a day before meals and use regularly to be highly effective
Storage: Store in a cool, dry area, away from sunlight and freezing
This product is not a drug and does not have the effect of replacing medication
Not for motorists, pregnant women and nursing mothers
Especially delicious and fragrant when it is cold
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