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Black Anfa Garlic recruits sales associates with high salaries, attractive discounts, business start-up opportunities that do not require capital for everyone.

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Black Garlic in general and Black Garlic Anfa in particular is a food that has a lot of nutritional value, refreshing for health, treatment for the user. The use of black garlic often helps our body to supplement many drugs to protect health, increase resistance and support the treatment of many common diseases. However, due to the limited strength we have not introduced products to many customers, so many people do not know about Black Garlic the great value of Black Garlic for health. In order to expand our business as well as to exploit the existing opportunities of the market, our company has an attractive program for recruiting sales associates with the following preferential regimes:
Products to recruit sales associates:
- Product Name: All products are branded Anfa
- Value of products: Products have many values ​​for the health of users such as anti-oxidant, increase resistance, reduce cholesterol, anti-atherosclerosis, support cancer treatment, diabetes, stroke. .
Sales Associate Discount Rate:
- Affiliates receive the highest discount rate based on the total sales actually sold in the month. (Contact us to receive the most attractive discount.)
- The minimum turnover reached: 2,000,000 VND / month.
- For collaborators who have achieved 3 consecutive months of sales (1 quarter) will be discounted 2% of total sales of that quarter.
- When reaching the continuous sales of all months, by the end of the year will be discounted 1% of the actual sales of that year.
- Collaborators sell the price announced on the website.
Terms of payment:
- Discount once a month or pay immediately after collaborators have accumulated enough discount and send payment request (from 200,000 or more)
- Based on actual sales of CTV, we will gather and send the sales counter on the 5th of the following month and will transfer the payment to CTV by the 10th of the month.
To become our sales associate, simply:
- You are a business enthusiast, you want to increase income from idle time or exploit existing relationships to sell ... You can sell online or offline, regardless of gender, degree. your age or business line.
- Good communication, persuasiveness and customer inquiries.
- Good use of digital tools for advertising and sales support such as: Internet, Email, social networking, phone, zalo, Facebook ...
Sales process :
- When ordering, collaborators send orders to the business department of the company with the information: customer name, telephone number, delivery address, product and quantity, delivery time.
This order can be sent via email, viber, zalo, sms, ...
- Collaborators do not spend money to get goods and time to deliver goods. The company will assist CTV delivery, collect money when CTV orders.
- The company will provide content, original images of the goods as well as provide the use of the product so that CTV can well carry out its business.
Delivery :
- The company will deliver free of charge for all orders of 300,000 VND or more.
Process to become a collaborator:
Sign up now to become a sales associate. Please fill in the information and click submit. Your information will be reviewed within 24 hours, after which the company will send you an email confirming that you have become a sales associate of the company with the following information: collaborator code, discount, joint index, product information, etc. Right now you can sell the company your way.
You are passionate about business, you are starting a business but do not have much capital, contact us immediately to cooperate and increase your active income in the way.







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