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Anfa black garlic wine are in demand Expanded agents in the provinces across the country

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The minimum order for each order is 9,000,000vnd equivalent to the quantity of 20 bottles of yellow Anfa black garlic wine 750ml 
1. Discount benefits
• Level 1: Over 20  bottles discounted 24%
• Level 2: Over 100 bottles discounted 27%
• Level 3: Over 500 bottles discounted 32%
• Level 4: SPECIAL OFFER - Minimum sales of 1000 bottles discounted 39%. 1% bonus if sales exceeds
• The specific price for each level please contact the Sales Manager: 0937.234.997 or 0973.242.314 Mr Thuong for more details and best price.
2. Media interests
Supported promotions.
Be advised marketing strategy, advertising business profits
Provided full product information
Get professional training on the product
Post your agency information on the company's website and other company communications channels.
Invited to attend events organized by the company (customer conference, beauty day ...).
3. The right to return goods
Return within 7 days if goods are defective by the manufacturer.
New products may be replaced if the product is irritated.
4. Legal rights
Anfa Black Garlic Wine is distributed exclusively quality products from An Tien Phat
Anfa Black Garlic Wine is a source of carefully selected ingredients for use
Anfa Black Garlic Wine is fully documented on Food Safety and Product Release by the Ministry of Health
Anfa Black Garlic Wine is licensed nationwide
Anfa Black Garlic Wine is certified by the Vietnam Association of Functional Foods
The product has been announced to the Ministry of Health for conformance and is licensed for circulation.
To issue full invoices in accordance with Vietnamese law
To be provided with adequate documentation and legal documents related to the product and the circulation of the product.
5. Benefits of product information
Be informed and update new products.
Supported answering questions related to the product.
6. Provision of agency cooperation
Strictly forbidden to sell counterfeit goods.
The prices listed on the website, newspaper, facebook, flyer ... of the dealer must match with the retail price of the company.
If any agent violates this policy, Anfa Black Garlic Wine will cease cooperation and no further supply.
If agents find other agents dumping please notify us immediately for timely processing.
7. Regulations against the sale of counterfeit goods
On each product of the company always have the stamp of origin of products, 7 color stamp shows 3 different information and is put into the bottle as well as the outer container.
If agents find other agents selling counterfeit goods, please immediately notify An Tien Phat Company so that we can ask the authorities to handle.
8. Payment Delivery Regulations
The agent needs to send the quantity of goods to the sales department through PO orders
Order minimum 9 million vnd for the total product. We encourage orders from 9 million vnd to get agents discounted high.
Within 48 hours (except holidays, New Year, Sunday) the company will deliver the goods to the agent. Delivery time depends on agent area. Order will be delivered in ordering order of the day.
Agents must pay to An Tien Phat Company the amount of money that corresponds to the amount of goods that the agent has booked before receiving the goods (except for promotional items if included).
With agent support policy, goods will be delivered to the dealer and the cost is free
For overseas agents, shipping will be subject to the FOB ("Free On Board") international trade principle. The company assists in packing and delivery to the country of destination by the agent. The agent is responsible for customs clearance, import license, payment of import fees according to customs regulations. Home country and bear all costs and risks after delivery to the country.
Phone:+84 937.234.997 or +84 973.242.314 Email:







0937.234.997- 0973.242.314

47/9A Street 12, Tam Binh Ward, Thu Duc Dist, HCM City

197 Thong Nhat Street, Tan Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Dist, HCM City


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