What happens if you drink honey every day?

Honey contains many calories without fat, rich in vitamins, amino acids and lots of minerals, so it has the effect of promoting health and treating some diseases.

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The benefits of honey
1. Honey helps improve blood's composition, promotes cardiovascular and heart function so it is good for people with heart disease.
2. Honey has the effect of protecting the liver, stimulating the regeneration of liver cells, which has a certain control effect on the formation of liver fat.
3. Drinking honey can help strengthen the body, eliminate fatigue, increase the resistance to disease.
4. Honey also has an antiseptic effect. Regularly drinking honey does not affect the teeth, but it also has antiseptic effect in the oral cavity.
5. Honey helps treat minor skin injuries, especially burn injuries. When honey is applied to a wound in a bacterial skin, it can not grow.
People who lose sleep if they drink 1 teaspoonful of honey every day before going to sleep (along with a cup of warm water) can quickly go to sleep.
7. Honey can also help laxative.
8. Honey can help detoxify, relieve pain. Applying honey directly to the skin or wound will have the effect of inflammation, pain relief, bleeding, reduce swelling, help wound heal. When honey is used to relieve food poisoning, is effective in treating gastric ulcer and abdominal pain.
When drinking a lot of alcohol, drink one teaspoon of honey before going to sleep can help solve alcohol, reduce headache.
The best time to drink honey is before eating
Honey has an important influence on gastric acid secretion. When stomach acid is secreted too much or too little honey helps to regulate the secretion back to normal.
If you drink honey before eating 1.30 minutes can inhibit the gastric acid gastric juice which reduces the stimulation of food to the gastric mucosa.
In addition, honey also regulates gastrointestinal function, the gastric juice is normal. After eating, especially when eating the gastrointestinal function of the stomach decreased, the bowel contraction weak, honey will help strengthen the bowel contractions, stimulate gastric secretion, help shorten the elimination time, Remove leftovers after eating.







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