The Price Of Black Garlic Ly Son And Chinese Black Garlic

The price of black garlic is quite different from the price of Chinese black garlic. Because of the different quality, there is a difference

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Assumed that the drug is capable of curing cancer, diabetes ..., the price per kilogram of black garlic is usually about 1.4 million, the product alone from Ly Son garlic to 2.5 million.
Appearing in Japan since 2005, black garlic is known for its protective effect and treatment of many diseases, which are characterized by antioxidant properties, aging, cancer prevention, and diseases.
Although the production has been successful in Vietnam for more than a year, but the ownership of many specialized areas such as Ly Son, Phan Rang, black garlic are developing strongly, increasingly popular in the domestic market. , and is looking to export abroad. Which is still the most popular black garlic Ly Son
There are two types of black garlic in Vietnam: raw garlic and garlic. Specifically, the price per kilogram of ordinary black garlic of Vietnam (multi-branched, made from Ly Son garlic) ranges from 1.2 million to 1.5 million VND / kg. Particularly made from garlic a branch (garlic alone) famous Ly Son costs up to 2.5 million / kg.
To produce black garlic, one has to ferment fresh garlic through a continuous electric oven for 35-45 hours. After 45 days of incubation, the garlic is changed to ivory color, the shrimps are black, plastic and sweet. Normally, every kilo of fresh garlic can produce about 400g to 500g of finished black garlic.
But also the lonely garlic elsewhere (but not garlic lollipop) is very cheap, straight forward on the market today, 95% is lychee garlic is very cheap, this garlic cost only One in ten lychee garlic Ly Son (because of 1 kg of Chinese garlic less than 100k, but garlic Li Ling is about 1 million / kg)
And because lax garlic Ly Son small 3 kg garlic fresh to reach 1kg black garlic, while Chinese garlic is not much 3kg bag, then after fermenting is about 1.7kg and so on the market today. Chinese lonely garlic prices range from 900k to 1.3 million / kg. Therefore, only people who really know how to buy lychee garlic alone, although the cost is higher than the Chinese lonely garlic borrowed in the name of Ly Son. Consumers should be wise to avoid buying counterfeit goods in larger amounts and quality is in China.







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