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Black garlic after being fermented as a functional food has the effect ...

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Black garlic after being fermented as a functional food has the effect of improving health, beauty treatment flu, infection, support treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer is very effective. It is also a valuable remedy for the elderly to maintain their best health. Beside many great uses for health, the effect of black garlic may appear when you use improperly. Here are the side effects of black garlic you should know
Warm in, constipation
Side effects of this black garlic will occur if you take them over the dose. According to the book "Shen farm manuscripts" of China, people are hot in, stomach pain should not eat garlic. Even people who are not over heat should not eat more than 10g / day. Abusing them can lead to constipation. In addition, if too much, the body can not absorb all the nutrients, waste.
Causes allergy
Not everyone is good to use black garlic. Persons with a history of allergy to garlic should not use black garlic. Intentionally using black garlic will cause irritation, itching. This is a side effect of black garlic that you should note.
Side effects with some drugs
Black garlic and lose the effect of some drugs. It is not good for people taking anticoagulants, who are taking HIV medications. Therefore, when you are taking medication, you should consult a doctor if you want to use more black garlic to support treatment or to cure the body.
Causes digestive system disorders
When buying black garlic at reputable addresses, you will be given detailed advice on how to use and how long to use. If you eat garlic incorrectly as directed, they will affect the digestive system, stomach. For example, if you eat black garlic when hungry, empty stomachs will lead to stomach upset. Expressions are flatulence, heartburn, stomach upset.
In addition, poor quality black garlic is dangerous. More specifically, black garlic if not properly fermented will not promote the ability of prevention and treatment. If allicin is not metabolized, it will cause skin irritation. In particular, it damages the digestive tract.
As such, black garlic may not help prevent and support treatment if not properly fermented so that the active ingredients can be metabolized optimally. Also the harm of black garlic is inconceivable if you use it incorrectly and buy black garlic does not guarantee quality.
4. Use how to avoid side effects of black garlic
Use black garlic properly to limit side effects of black garlic
Not everyone is good with black garlic. As mentioned above, hot in, kidney liver damage, poor blood quality should limit the use of black garlic. Pregnant women and children under 3 years should consult a doctor before use.
To know if you have allergies to black garlic, in the beginning should be used in low doses. If there are abnormal manifestations, it is temporarily discontinued. If the body is able to absorb, gradually increase the dose but not more than 10g / day.
You should not abuse black garlic for long periods of time. Instead, you should split into small batches and use. The dosage used during illness and recovery is also different. If you are taking other medicines or have other illnesses, consult your doctor.
You should use black garlic during or after meals to avoid unwanted side effects.







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