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About the black garlic Ly Son
- Our products are made of Ly Son garlic with many branches. The place is said to be garlic king of Vietnam. With the hot dry climate, quite harsh making garlic Ly Son very high quality.
- The garlic after the oven is packed in bags and vacuum to help preserve the best black licorice.
- Our products have been tested and licensed to meet the quality of food hygiene and safety of the Ministry of Health.
1. The effects of black garlic Ly Son
Due to the special climate characteristics, Ly Son black garlic is full of the wonderful effects of Ly Son black garlic. Particularly with the content of garlic in the paint is higher than the Japanese and Korean garlic when fermented into garlic Ly Son it has a superior effect. Here are the great effects of black garlic Ly Son
The anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects of black garlic Ly Son
Long fermentation transforms normal garlic into a super-garlic. S-allylcysteine ​​(a natural constituent found in fresh garlic) and a derivative of amino acid cysteine ​​are found to be much more abundant in Lysan's black garlic than fresh garlic. These two components can reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer.
 Li Son black pepper works to protect the body against infection
Fresh garlic contains antimicrobial, antibiotic and anti-fungal agents in its allicin active ingredient. In the Ly Son black garlic, S-allylcysteine ​​supports the absorption of allicin, which makes it easier to absorb and metabolize allicin, thus promoting the body's ability to protect itself against microbes. infiltration, infection.
 Besides, Ly Son black garlic also helps to protect the body against disease
- Fresh garlic is a very high antioxidant food. Li Son Black Garlic is proven to have antioxidant properties twice as high as regular fresh garlic. Antioxidants protect cells from disease, aging, and are therefore believed to slow down the aging process. The antioxidant capacity of Ly Son Black is very high to protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. Therefore, Li Son black garlic becomes the ideal food to support the treatment of chronic diseases (caused by cells damaged by free radicals) such as heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis and many other chronic diseases.
 Other effects of black garlic Ly Son
- The fermentation of fresh garlic to form black garlic Ly Son reduces the pungent smell of fresh garlic, making garlic cloves become more palatable, easier to eat and at the same time disappears bad smell in the mouth after eating. garlic. Ly Son instant black-tasted garlic has the flavor of dried fruit, sweet and slightly chewy, often served in many restaurants in large restaurants. In addition, people eat a lot of fresh garlic, in addition to breath garlic smell out, garlic also cause body odor. Li Son black garlic does not have these smells, even when people eat a lot of black garlic Ly Son to supplement health does not smell.
=> So, the black garlic Ly Son has a good effect on health, just eat delicious. Therefore, it is increasingly used in high quality restaurants and in many cuisines in the world.
2. Instructions for use and preservation of black licorice Ly Son
- Shrimp eat directly
- Processing with other dishes according to taste
- The content of 2-4 g / day - Equivalent 2-4 garlic cloves / day
- Note: The elderly should only use 1-2 shrimp a day
- Store in cool, dry place, keep cool in refrigerator cooler
- Expiry date: 18 months from date of manufacture
Origin: Ly Son - Vietnam
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