The Best Way To Use Black Garlic For Health

Ly Son black garlic has much higher antioxidant content than fresh garlic and has a good effect on ...

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Ly Son black garlic has much higher antioxidant content than fresh garlic and has good effect in preventing metabolic diseases, liver toxicity, anti-cancer and anti-cancer. inflammation.
Therefore, add black garlic to your diet every day for the health of everyone. There are two kinds of black garlic in the market are lonely black garlic and black cloves.
You do not have to replace whole fresh garlic with black garlic but need to know how to use Ly Son black garlic properly and scientifically, right dosage to bring the best effect. In addition, you can learn more about the magic of black garlic to see the value of this garlic.
1. Use black garlic directly
You only need to peel and use directly 2-4 black garlic / day. Use it in the morning before meals, you chew soon after drinking a glass of water.
The use of Ly Son black straight and simple just help the body absorb the best nutrients, prevent optimal diseases.
Note: Depending on age, the dosage of garlic varies:
Adults and children over 12 years old should use 1-2 bulbs a day.
- Children 1 to 12 years old should use 1 bulb per day.
Pregnant women should take 2-4 bulbs a day. In the last 2 months of pregnancy, consult your doctor before use.
2. Black garlic juice
Take 3-5 grams of Li Son black garlic together with a cup of warm water to a puree, using food sieve to remove residue.
You can always drink black juice or use the same juices, fruit juice. To save time you can grind black garlic in large quantities and store it in a freezer.
Black pepper juice dissolves nutrients are absorbed faster into the body, help the digestive system to work better, increase the body's resistance.
3. Soak black garlic with honey
Take about 125-150 grams of black garlic Ly Son peeled off and put the root in the glass jar, pour honey into the black garlic filling; Soaking for 3 weeks is usable.
Every day you eat about 3 black garlic and one teaspoon of honey, evenly divided into meals of the day.
The use of black licorice Ly Son combined with honey is very good, has a great effect on health. Black garlic with honey is effective in treating colds, sore throats, colds; supportive treatment of stomach pain; Helps to limit aging, skin beauty.
4. Soak the black garlic with alcohol
Take about 250g of black garlic Ly Son peeled off the shell soaked with 1 liter of white wine in glass jar for about 10 days can be used. Each day you take 2-3 times, each time you use 30-40 ml after meals to promote the optimal use of black garlic.
Black garlic is a drug that helps the body get the best nutrients, can kill bacteria, prevent cancer, reduce blood fat, protect the heart.
The use of Liqueur black garlic is very good for patients who are treated with antibiotics. Black garlic holds 100% of allicin, a powerful natural antibiotic that helps the body prevent disease.
Replacing antibiotics with a glass of black garlic every day in the right dosage is also a way to help the body healthy and avoid the side effects of antibiotics. With the use of Li Son black garlic above hope to help you have more knowledge to use right and enough dosage to maximize the use of black garlic for the health of family members nhé.







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