Sinusitis, Acne Allergy With Black Garlic Honey

Black honey can cure sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and respiratory problems

Post date: 05-08-2018

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When the weather changes, you are often stunned, pain in the sides of the nose up to the temples, stuffy nose at night, breathing with the mouth dries all the tongue. You have gone to many health care facilities but the disease does not completely and still relapses many times.
You may experience the following risk if not treated promptly
Respiratory Distress: is a swelling that hinders the sinuses and prevents the mucus from escaping normally.
Sore throat and throat sore throat pain, it feels like something in the throat.
Affects vision: reduced vision, ophthalmic infections, optic neuritis, eye pain.
Bone pain: Meningitis of the forehead or upper jaw, pain in the bone.
Aneurysm or blood clots.
Ear infections, middle ear pain.
But this is not a fast cure but requires a long-term treatment and long-term treatment. Understanding the suffering of people with sinusitis, allergic rhinitis we have been thoroughly researched and introduced the secret of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis successful source of 100% natural: BLACK HOSPLE. Especially do not cause any pain or side effects such as Western medicine. Our secret has been successfully applied in many chronic patients, which has become a great motivator for us to help many patients with sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.
Why Black Holes have special effects on sinusitis, Allergic Nose?
Black garlic is good for sinusitis because it contains allicin, a very strong natural antibiotic that can inhibit many types of bacteria that cause sinusitis such as Streptococcus and Haemophilus.
In addition, other powerful antioxidants such as SAC, polyphenol and flavonoids in black garlic after fermentation have been increased by 6 to 14 times that of white garlic, which stimulates the body's immune system. Natural antibodies, kill bacteria and resist sinusitis effectively.
Honey: During the formation of honey, the bees produce an enzyme called a glucose-oxidase enzyme, which is a naturally occurring type of oxygen, which is enough to kill it. Bacteria that do not affect the skin cells. Another advantage is that oxygen is produced continuously so that its effect is sustained, which is advantage over conventional oxygen.
In addition, Honey has antimicrobial properties, which makes it quicker to heal, remove dead tissue and prevent unpleasant odors from the wound. Honey also has anti-inflammatory effect, reduce swelling, stimulate the development of granular cells, healing the wound faster.
Combination Black Holes are a new treatment for sinusitis, but with the effect of giving the patient. Increased levels of allicin natural antibiotics, Aliin, glucogen, phytonoxide antiseptic against inflammation. When combined with black PEA will help patients with sinusitis to destroy the root of the bacteria in the cavity cavity and heal the nasal mucosa, sinusitis infection is removed completely pus. This was discovered by researchers at the University of Ottawa found in pure honey containing the most natural antibiotics that are most effective in the removal of sinus bacteria.
The use of black pickled black garlic is more effective than using a lot of western medicine. The immune system, the patient's resistance is improved completely natural, no need to interfere with the western medicine, surgery causes many other consequences as well as the cost of money time.







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