Receive the certification of brand certification for Ly Son garlic

Brand is not enough On (31.3), in Ly Son (Quang Ngai), the local government of this island will hold a ceremony to announce the certification of Ly Son onion and garlic trademark by the National Office of Industrial Property under the Ministry of Science and Technology. level.

Post date: 16-01-2019

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It can be considered as an important landmark for Ly Son garlic tree to integrate into the market with official labels.
Currently all 400ha of land on Ly Son island are requisitioned for garlic cultivation. Each year, Ly Son supplies the market with about 2,000 tons of dry garlic. In the years when the price was up to 40,000 VND each, the Ly Son villager collected about 80 billion VND, the number is significant for farmers who only know "monoculture" of garlic.
Ly Son Garlic is not too big, but it is very fragrant, mild aroma, not pungent and moderate, unlike other types of garlic. This particular feature is due to the island's soil. But the mild aroma of Ly Son garlic is not from this red soil, but from the sea sand around the island.
Every year, after every garlic crop, the farmer must scratch the thin layer of sand that is spread on the garlic field and spread another thin layer of sand, before planting a new crop. The quality of garlic is very dependent on this sand layer.
However, it is also because to keep the characteristics of Ly Son garlic like that, every year, garlic farmers have exhausted the source of sand around the island, creating conditions for strong invasion tide. There have been 43ha of land lost due to tidal intrusion in the past 50 years in Ly Son.
The state and local authorities have spent tens of billions of dong to build embankments to keep the island. The Ly Son people returned to the traditional way, but the sand was sucked in from the sea and not "hooked the frog" into the island itself.
It seems that brand announcement is just a "room" way, not a decisive factor so that garlic plants can support 20,000 people of Ly Son. One of the concerns is threatening garlic growers, which is the source of sand - which makes Ly Son garlic unique - increasingly exhausted gradually before the inability of local authorities and scientists.







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