Ly Son Black Garlic

Ly Son black garlic is a kind of black garlic Vietnam has been present in the market of many countries around the world. In addition to good health care for people, it also helps people increase their resistance and is a good measure to prevent cancer growth.

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Ly Son Island District of Quang Ngai Province is a land famous for garlic cultivation. With its climate and natural features, the area is covered with white and white sand throughout the year, and the same characteristics that people have long associated with garlic cultivation. Many families have escaped from poverty thanks to the seemingly impossible life-changing profession. The particular natural elements that give the garlic plants in this place particular characteristics that are nowhere to be found. Li Son garlic has been known to many, especially the black garlic Ly Son
How is the Black Tiger Ly Son made?
Li Son black garlic is made from Ly Son garlic itself through carefully fermented and processed from the garlic clove Ly Son has created precious black garlic and is beneficial for human health. The production of black garlic is a long process, from garlic cloves to live through the fermentation system of fermentation for about 40 days to create the black clove garlic that people often use to heal. But the installation and construction of the brewing system costs a lot, while the scarcity of raw materials makes many people do not dare invest in the production of this type of black garlic. Therefore the price of garlic Ly Son is quite high, the current black garlic Vietnam has two lines that are raw black garlic and processed from raw garlic. Therefore, people often share with each other how to make black garlic from the rice cooker at home to reduce the cost when they want to use the product Li Son black garlic, from the raw garlic clove to the rice cooker to the tempering mode Rice cookers for about 15 days are made of black garlic cloves and people often choose garlic Ly Son to have the best benefits. But this approach brings many disadvantages and the nutrients in the garlic is not the same at the beginning, and the same fermentation process will cause many inconveniences and unscientific. Later, scientists have researched, developed and created the odorless black garlic, this study has helped quite a lot when overcoming the unpleasant smell of raw garlic and increase the effect of anti. Oxidation of black garlic.
Material for making black garlic in Vietnam
In addition to garlic Ly Son to create black garlic, in Vietnam to produce black garlic also have garlic Phan Rang and garlic Hai Duong, but garlic Ly Son is still popular. Ly Son is usually planted in November - 12 years and harvested in January - February of next year. The time from planting garlic to harvesting is about 4 months to have a garlic product with different and distinctive spices. Especially during the process that garlic does not flower so the nutrient content in garlic is always kept at the highest level. With the short time of garlic cultivation, the price of black garlic in Vietnam is also much better than the black garlic of other countries.
Vietnamese black garlic, especially Ly Son garlic, is a good anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-oxidant, anti-oxidant and anti-oxidant. Therefore, black garlic in general and black garlic Ly Son in particular is really a good product to take good care of human health in this modern life.







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