Increasing ”mankind” with 2 cloves of garlic every day

"Garlic" is extremely useful food to help improve sexual health and increase the amount of "sperm" for men.

Post date: 19-01-2019

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1. Garlic helps stimulate desire, increase sperm count
The amount of Vitamin B6 in garlic helps strengthen the immune system and regulate hormones.
Selenium in garlic is an antioxidant that helps prevent sperm damage and increases sexual ability in men, especially for people with impotence.
In addition, there is Allicin, an organosulfur compound, which helps increase sperm count by optimizing blood flow to the genitals, creating millions of healthy sperm.
Sexual physicians often recommend people who have problems with "bedclothes", adding garlic to their diet.
For men who have diagnosed a low sperm count, eat one to two garlic branches a day, eat only once a day, persistently eat for 2 to 3 months, the amount of sperm can be improved. forward.
2. Increase attractiveness
A recent study published in the scientific journal Appetite shows that the body odor of men who eat garlic is more attractive and gentle than that of someone who doesn't eat garlic.
3. Spiritual excitement
Creatinine in garlic is the main ingredient involved in muscle activity, Allithiamine is produced by Allicin and Vitamin B1 in garlic can eliminate fatigue and increase physical fitness for men.
4. Prevent prostate cancer
Allicin in garlic helps prevent prostate cancer and destroys the formation and development of cancer-causing cells.
In addition, garlic also contains alliin, antioxidants and some ingredients such as selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E ... that can prevent the growth of tumors.
It should be noted, however, that using the right amount of garlic can create a miracle for your fertility. But too much garlic can inhibit sperm production. Therefore, garlic can be used most effectively in moderation as a spice.








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