How to use a glass of alcohol

How to use the glasses and how to drink alcohol in the most stylish way

Post date: 29-08-2017

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Strong spirit
Usually small, with or without cylindrical legs. The wine is often used after meals, each pouring only about 30cc, to avoid feeling shocked. When drinking with the thumb and point of pick up the glass, apply pressure on the palm, then turn the cup gently so that the warmth of the hand penetrates into the wine. After the wine warms up, gently click little by little to enjoy the taste of wine.
Ly reminds
Although it is a type of spirits, but because of the origin of grapes, Cognac wine is often enjoyed by the cups shaped like flowers. This cup, gourd body but small mouth, makes her delicate taste is better preserved and honors the color and clarity of wine.
Her drink reminded her
The amount poured out on large glasses is usually less than enough, so the cup when placed on the table does not match the wine out. When holding a cup should use the palm of the hand under the bottom of the glass, the heat from the human body to help the aroma of the wine more prominent. When you put the cup on the nose will feel the original smell. When slightly shaken glass will feel the contrast, the clarity of wine and aroma becomes stronger. When touched by her tongue, little by little, the wine reveler will feel the fullness of the combination of rich aroma and unique, unique wine, not mixed with other types of wine on the world. great. Cognac, in addition to the above pure, can also be mixed with gas or tonic water to make beverages or an aperitif with special flavors







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