How to Preserve Black Garlic

Guide to preserve black garlic properly, will preserve good black garlic and do not reduce the effect of garlic black

Post date: 23-07-2018

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For preservation of black garlic ANFA longer you first choose the black garlic products have the latest production time. The longer the production time, the longer it will last. Especially, should preserve black garlic ANFA in dry, cool or best place then you should leave the black garlic ANFA in the refrigerator cooler. This helps the black garlic to retain the nutrients of black garlic after use. The air circulation is important so that bacteria do not attack the black garlic and damage the black garlic. Only with this simple way you can preserve black garlic longer. The more quality black bean will preserve the longer. Do not leave the garlic in damp or hot places. Moisture is the "enemy" of black garlic. You also should not put black garlic in common with other foods.
The garlic in the fridge sometimes makes the black garlic wet, best if not used, can soak the black garlic to drink.
Or leaving black garlic in the refrigerator for long periods of time can also make black garlic dry and hard, and make garlic black. If that's the case, when you want to eat black garlic we take some pots into the cup and steamed with rice, then the garlic will be soft and tasty so wrap the garlic before cooking with rice, because when directly garlic Black rice is not good
Do not use garlic expired, or due to poor preservation leading to mold, when the mold or strange smell should be thrown away.
Black garlic is very valuable and good for the body, if you have the condition should be used often. And you should remember that black garlic made in accordance with industrial processes will ensure better quality, because this black garlic process is strictly controlled for temperature, humidity and pressure, and properly process. as published scientific organizations. When you make black garlic not by specialized machines, also formed black garlic, but is black, the quality inside the baby has not been verified. Nutrition experts also recommend using black garlic in accordance with the technology and produce according to industry standards, the effect will be much better. That means that you spend money to buy the value of black garlic is worth it







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