How to ferment black garlic for healing

Garlic bulb bought to the shell, put into a glass box, sealed and placed in the electric cooker. Heat at 55 degrees Celsius, for 40 days for natural fermented garlic.

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A number of recent large-scale scientific studies have discovered more uses of garlic, such as suppressing and killing cancer cells, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular disease, inhibiting the development of pathogenic microorganisms.
The inherent disadvantage of this bulb is the unpleasant odor caused by sulfur compounds. To overcome this drawback, Japanese and Korean scientists have discovered a natural method of fermenting fresh garlic to produce black garlic that still guarantees its medicinal properties. Black garlic after fermentation has no unpleasant odor, as well as increase the antioxidant effect of garlic on many times.
1. Fermented at home
Step 1: Choose fresh garlic
For fermented black garlic quality, the selection of raw materials is extremely important. It is best to choose bulbs that are big and round, not to be rubbed, and the interior parts must also be of good quality.
Step 2: Preservation
Once you have picked the fresh garlic, to make the garlic not rot and sprout, you need to preserve the garlic as soon as possible. Put the garlic in a cold place, the appropriate temperature from 0 to -1 degrees Celsius, air humidity 70%.
Step 3: Wash and clean the garlic
After washing the garlic with clean water, let the garlic dry so that no droplets of water remain on the surface of the bulb. Place the garlic in a dry environment of 4-6 hours before fermentation.
Step 4: Fermentation
First select an electric kettle that can be adjusted to a low temperature of 55 to 65 C. Make sure the kettle does not have a self-timer.
- Buy a sufficient amount of fresh garlic, not peeled, put into a glass box or heat resistant plastic. Note: Choose a medium sized box to ensure that there is a small gap between the box and the pot when placed in the kettle.
Put a thermometer in the garlic box and seal the box with a thin aluminum foil. Make sure that one end of the thermometer protrudes to see the temperature readings. Ideally, choose a glass electric casserole to easily see the temperature index in the kettle without opening the thermometer head.
Finally, put the garlic container in an electric cooker, plug it in and turn it on at about 55 degrees Celsius. For 40 days, the fresh garlic will ferment itself into black garlic. Black garlic finished products can be peeled immediately, every day from 1 to 3 bulbs have the effect of preventing and treating many diseases.
2. Large-scale fermentation
Home garlic fermentation is very elaborate, while not everyone fully take steps and ensure proper conditions of temperature and time as prescribed. Therefore, if you need to ferment in large quantities (from 10 kg of garlic or more), you should use the fermenter with the programmed procedures will ensure the quality of finished garlic, while limiting the risk. .
Steps to follow:
- Select and clean fresh garlic as above steps.
- Put the fresh garlic into the fermenting machine.
- First, set the machine to ferment at 0-50 degrees Celsius, humidity 60-80%, for the machine to operate for 8-10 hours.
Next, install the fermenter at a temperature of 50-70 degrees Celsius, 65-90% humidity, from 20 to 30 hours, then the fresh garlic will ferment slowly to form black garlic.
Then set the fermenter at 75-80 degrees Celsius, 75-95% humidity for more than 200 hours. At this time black garlic is made, no pungent smell anymore.
- Finally, dried black garlic at a temperature of 80-900C, then packaged.
What makes people wonder is why garlic after natural fermentation (without chemicals) turns black, its taste changes almost 100%. That explains that in garlic containing sugar and amino acids, after undergoing fermentation will produce melanoidin, a substance that is dark black.
During fermentation, sulfur compounds such as methionine, cysteine, methanethiol are converted to water-soluble sulfur compounds such as s-allyl-s-cysteine, allium, isoallin, methionine. , cycloalliin, derivatives of cysteine, tetrahydro-β-carboline derivatives. These are important compounds that increase the effect of black garlic products obtained. Natural fermentation also increased carbohydrate content from 28.7% (in fresh garlic) to 47.9% (in black garlic), so that black garlic had the sweetness of fruit.
Fresh garlic after turning into black garlic is called black garlic or fermented garlic. "This product is black, with almost no unpleasant taste but sweetness like fruits, just peel it out to be edible. Black garlic can be preserved for a long time.
Many studies have shown that organic sulfur compounds, derivatives of Tetrahydro-β-carboline, have the effect of removing free radicals and inhibiting lipid peroxidation. Black garlic extract has a strong effect against tumor cells, prevention and cancer treatment support. S-allyl-1-cysteine ​​reduces the formation of colon tumors and other congested blind spots are usually the earliest clinical signs of colon cancer.
Black garlic is widely used in the world, not only for food but also for antioxidants, boosting immunity, supporting cancer treatment and regulating blood sugar. Black garlic, black garlic, garlic capsule helps to reduce fatigue, increase resistance, improve atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, improve digestive and intestinal functions, prevent cancer. letter, cardiovascular, diabetes.







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