How to distinguish real and fake alcohol and distinguish it for anfa black garlic wine

Be careful when using alcohol, when you do not know it is genuine to ensure your health

Post date: 29-08-2017

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Bottled wine: Usually, spirits such as Brandy, Cognac, Whiskey ... of the world's brands are automatically bottled, so in principle, the wine inside the bottles are very equal. Counterfeiters are usually hand-only, so the level of alcohol inside the bottles is often uneven. When you look at a row of wine with a brand in the store, if you see a bottle that has the same level of alcohol as the other bottle, then you may suspect that the bottle is fake, and continue to examine the next factor.
Color in the Bottle: When we look at a row of wine bottles with the same brand in the store at the same angle of light, if we see that the bottle is a different color than the other bottles, we can suspect it. Is fake. Colors may be lighter, darker, or still, opaque. However, different colors are not entirely enough to confirm that is false.
Wine Label Inspection: Most of the counterfeit bottles on the market use real bottles, real labels, but may in the process of bottle cleansing, the label is scratched or flaked out, so the objects do. Counterfeit printed counterfeit labels replaced. The big difference between real labels and fake labels is that imitation labels can not imitate the printing of embossed letters, metallic colors ... just like original labels.
Button cap inspection: Normally counterfeiters use a real cap, or an absolute cap. If you look closely, the actual cap can be used to save small scratches during the lid, and the color of the cap looks wild, the groove of the cap looks less delicate and steady than that of the cap. Real cap
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There are two basic Scotch whiskeys: Malt Whiskey (Malt Whiskey) and Grain Whiskey (corn or wheat). You can enjoy the simplest way is to mix Scotch with soda or mixed into mixed cocktails like Rob Roy or Scotch sour (Scotch sour). Mixing Scotch with pleasure can provide a new and exciting way to feel, however, some people connoisseurs prefer to drink more pure.
Particularly anfa black garlic wine products to market to have anti-counterfeit 7 colors printed on 3 sides, stamps are placed on the bottle and on the lid of the container. You pay attention when choosing to buy yourself so as not to cause damage to yourself and relatives use







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