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Fatty blood nowadays is a very common disease and tends to be increasingly rejuvenated. Very dangerous complications from the disease make many people nervous. The following information is about fatty liver, causes, symptoms and treatment support.

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Fatty blood nowadays is a very common disease and tends to be increasingly rejuvenated. Very dangerous complications from the disease make many people nervous. The following information is about fatty liver, causes, symptoms and treatment support.
Fatty fetus is a phenomenon in which blood fat levels are higher than normal and are more dangerous for patients because they can lead to other serious diseases such as high blood pressure, cerebrovascular accident, myocardial infarction heart…. Information about this disease is a lot of people are interested in today. Let's learn about: Fatty liver disease, causes, symptoms and treatment support.
What is fatty liver?
Blood or fatty deposits (hyperlipidaemia) are excess fat in the blood. Lipids are one of the three main nutrients in the body: Glucid, Protein, and Lipids. Normally, there is a certain percentage of fat in the blood, measured by the test of cholesterol, triglyceride, etc. If these are higher than the allowable levels, this is called hyperlipidemia. High cholesterol is a characteristic of the disease. Cholesterol in the blood is made up of a group of essential fats for the body. These fats are produced in the liver to stabilize the cell membrane and make them absorb nutrients.
When the body has excess cholesterol, the patient may be at risk of developing atherosclerosis, elevating blood pressure, obstructing blood vessels in the brain and coronary arteries, increases the risk of heart failure, stroke later.
II / Cause of fatty liver disease.
When it comes to hyperlipidemia, many people will think that only people who are overweight, obese, or elderly are at risk. But even young people are more likely to have fatty liver disease. So where is the cause of this disease?
When you know the cause of fatty liver disease, we will be able to easily prevent and prevent this disease.
According to scientific research, the cause of fat-stained blood is mainly due to poor diet, high saturated fat, high protein animal carbohydrates, especially for intellectuals, office workers. sit much
Gender - age: It is surprising that sex and age are also related to the cause of fatty liver. They have also studied and demonstrated that estrogen affects the metabolism of fat and affects the blood vessels. Women between the ages of 15 and 45 usually have lower triglyceride levels than men. However, as the menopause progresses, the amount of triglyceride and bad cholesterol will increase and the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis is higher in women.
In addition, stressful work, stressful study without proper resting mode will cause stress that leads to metabolic disorders in the body, fat accumulation but not Long-term metabolism will lead to cardiovascular disease, high blood fat.
Thicker, malnourished still have high risk of high blood fat? When the body is lacking, it means that some of the nutrients that are needed to clear up the fat, those who eat too little or too much diets will cause low blood sugar levels, which in turn will increase the body's ability to absorb it. The fat that can be broken down into energy, if lazy fat mobilization will accumulate but not be metabolized, fatty acids into the blood a lot, beyond the allowable level will cause a high blood fat.
III / Symptoms of fatty liver disease.
Fatigue is almost always detected when a regular health check or some people have seen strange signs on a regular basis, the doctor found out that he had a disease. In young people, the signs of the disease are usually quite secret, difficult to be aware of; For older people, fatty liver disease may have some more obvious symptoms because their health is no longer good and the appearance of some of the symptoms associated with the disease is more readily recognizable. such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
Symptoms of fatty liver disease may include: dizziness, dizziness, chest pain, headache, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, ... if the disease is at an advanced stage, The signs of atherosclerosis, heart attack, high blood pressure ... When the signs of disease and early treatment of disease by changing diet and exercise This will make the fat level in the blood decrease significantly. But when the disease becomes worse, the index of blood fat is too high, the treatment of the disease will become more difficult and prolonged.
IV / How to support the treatment of fatty liver.
+ For fatty liver disease you need to go to check and monitor periodically every 3-6 months, or every year according to the instructions of.
If you are overweight, check your diet and exercise to reduce excess weight.
+ Mobility mode
To choose a favorite sport and fit for your health and regular exercise. Maintain a regular workout regime of at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise time can be increased according to your ability. + You may need to take additional medication if the method of eating, exercise ... that fat in the blood is still high. Always keep your blood pressure at optimal levels if you are suffering from conditions such as diabetes, chronic kidney failure, myocardial ischaemia, etc. + Time to use drugs for people with fatty liver disease. It depends on whether you are suffering from any other disease or what your indicators are, the usual course of treatment will be 4-8 weeks for high blood lipids and no other diseases, or 3-6 months or from 6 months to 1 year for people with multiple diseases at the same time + Remove bad habits daily fatty High blood pressure, such as excessive use of cigarettes, beer, alcohol, and other substances that contain high levels of alcohol by the use of them, will increase the amount of Triglycerid in the blood. + Most important is the way to prevent fatty foods. :first. Choosing foods with low cholesterol: This is a top priority and essential for people with high cholesterol. Foods that contain less cholesterol are green vegetables, pumpkin, mushrooms, products made from peanuts, lean bean ... 2. Limit the use of foods high in saturated fat: These are very easy to block arteries. Accordingly, you need to limit tallow and milk. If you need to drink milk only use milk with fat content of only 1-2%. Should use soybean oil, olive oil, sunflower oil substitute for lard. Eat more fruits: For high blood fat, eat more, especially fruits that are less sweet such as pear, guava, plum, apple, orange, grapefruit ... will help increase fiber content in meals. These are soluble fibers. Foods rich in soluble fiber will reduce the amount of fat & cholesterol that is absorbed into the body, not only helping the digestive system to support and improve. Red meat: Red meat such as buffalo, cow, sheep, itchy ... contains a lot of cholesterol, if you use it more will increase the disease. Instead, people with bloody stools should eat lean meat, remove poultry skin, especially eat more fish than meat to be able to obtain Omega-3 fatty acids, this type of fatty acids have the effect of preserving cardiovascular protection. Some very good fish such as salmon, sardines, herring, tuna and mackerel ... 5. Do not eat too late: Do not eat too late with protein foods that are difficult to digest and will cause cholesterol to build up on the arteries leading to atherosclerosis.







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