Eye with black garlic Ly Son true, fake

Advertising of black garlic Li Son but each place offers different prices that consumers can not know what is black garlic Li Son real and what is fake garlic.

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While most of the black garlic production and trading businesses claim that the product is made from Ly Son garlic "genuine", the government of Ly Son said garlic production in the area is not much, especially garlic. very few.
Market: How many also
Just a mouse click on the keyword "black garlic", consumers will be "dazzled" with hundreds of advertising sites specializing in supplying lonely black garlic originating in Ly Son, the amount of how much also With the words on the use of this product.
The current price of normal Li Son black garlic that the website is 900,000 to 1.5 million VND / kg. Black garlic made from Ly Son lonely garlic, these pages notice the difference between 1.8-3 million / kg.
For example, when contacting toidenquang ... com, we were Mr. Q.A. said this unit is located in Quang Ngai, own production of Li Son black garlic by imported machinery, the source of proper Ly Son garlic.
However, when we asked about the papers or whether there is something authenticating buy Ly Son or not, Mr. Q.A. "We only buy Ly Son garlic from the people but no papers what".
Contact toidphuong.com's hotline, based in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, we are advised that this unit "do not sell normal black garlic but sell lonely black Li Son, at a price of 1.8 million VND / kg.
According to this employee, black garlic is sold here as "high quality garlic", produced by Japanese technology.
"The children have sources of assurance, specializing in providing wholesale agents. Only selling high grade black garlic processed from garlic Ly Son guaranteed the legal paperwork, she said.
However, when we suggest to introduce the distinction between black Li Son real garlic and black garlic Ly Son fake, this staff only asserted "the only real seller, he kept peace."
In addition, due to the increasing demand for black garlic, many eateries and specialty shops also sell black garlic and claim that they come from Ly Son.
Only in Quang Ngai, there are about 15 restaurants, shops selling black garlic. And when we asked them to buy, the staff said, "There is only Liquefied Black Tiger" here, with the introduction of many uses of this garlic.
As well as sites that provide black garlic, these establishments do not have any "backing" sheets to authenticate the garlic taken from Ly Son.
Power supply: Not much output
Pham Thi Huong, Deputy Chairman of Ly Son district, told us that Ly Son garlic is only produced once a year, so there is not much Ly Son garlic in the market.
Moreover, the yield of garlic in Ly Son fell 70% over the previous harvest due to crop failure. According to preliminary statistics, the total output of commercial garlic this season is just over 500 tons, of which lonely garlic is only about 5 tons.
Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Vice Chairman of the Association of Trading and Processing Lyaling garlic, said the association is also very painful news information advertising black leathers Ly Son rampant in the market.
According to Dinh, the members of the association also produce black garlic and sell on the market at the price of 1.5 million VND / kg with normal black garlic and 3 million / kg for black lemons but not the quantity. a lot of.
Specifically, in addition to Ly Son Island Company with the trademark Garlic King, the Department of Intellectual Property granted the trademark certification, the units directly buy onion garlic from associations such as supermarkets and individuals with identification Received by the island district government for processing and supply to domestic and foreign markets.
Thus, most white garlic and black garlic floating on the market can not be sure that is garlic from Li Son.
According to Dinh, even white garlic is difficult to distinguish between garlic Ly Son with many other types of garlic, drill referred to black garlic.
"We do not have a way to help consumers distinguish clearly, avoid leaving large amounts of money to buy poor quality. But in my opinion, it is best to go to the supermarket or the black selling point Li Son has been certified by authorities to buy garlic onion directly, "Dinh advised.
A specialist research on black garlic assert that Ly Son garlic has superior content of compounds and therapeutic effects after fermentation, so many production facilities and businesses advertise Li Son black garlic to attract buyers.
According to this position, the market is the black garlic is luscious black garlic Ly Son, raw black garlic of Li Son, black lonely garlic violet is quite round and black garlic bulbs are originated from China. Based on these characteristics, consumers can choose the product.
He said that the government and garlic owner Ly Son must act to protect the brand of his products, instead of giving away the market.
"Want to affirm the brand of black garlic Ly Son before the current situation of black garlic rampant, the government and growers Ly Son garlic must have a strategy to promote garlic brand in a way that helps consumers identify Where is the garlic Ly Son and what is garlic pretending Ly Son, not tIt is said that Ly Son is mainly supplied to supermarkets and tourists. According to the statistics of the Economic and Infrastructure Department of Ly Son district, Quang Ngai province, At present, there are 325 hectares of garlic growing area with the productivity of garlic in 2015 is 7.9 tons / ha, garlic production in whole island district is about 2,560 tons of fresh garlic. As such, the output of dry garlic of Ly Son Island is only over 1,800 tons (in the condition of the season). On the other hand, a hectare of garlic for only 20-30 kg garlic a shrimp (also known as lemon garlic, garlic orphan) , total area of ​​the island, each year if the Ly Son season to produce about 10 tons of lonely garlic.In addition to the Association of Ly Son Garlic and supermarket chain of direct purchase of people to supply The rest are sold to traders or visitors. With about 70,000 visitors to Ly Son each year, if each visitor buys 1 - 2 kg, only the source of this customer also consumes a quantity. big garlic Ly Son.







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