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We all know that black garlic Ly Son is a food specially good for health people, all ages and is like the medicine healing ...

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We all know that Ly Son black garlic is a food specially good for the health of people, all ages and is like the healing pot. However, the use of black garlic Ly Son how, should eat black garlic Ly Son at the time is reasonable is a question that not everyone knows and is a lot of consumers interested. In order to help you can answer the questions should eat black Ly Son at the time and how much to eat black Ly Son how, how to eat black lemon juice the most effective, ... etc. The article below will address these questions.
How to eat black garlic Ly Son like?
Peel and eat directly Ly Son black garlic is the most effective way to help your body fully absorbed all nutritional value of black lichen Ly Son. In addition to helping the body absorb all the nutrients in Ly Son black garlic, the use of Ly Son black garlic to eat raw resources also contribute to limit the risk of reaction with other foods that cause loss. take or reduce the effect of black garlic Ly Son. One day, one person can eat 3 - 5 grams equivalent to 3 - 5 cloves garlic black is best, note to elderly people should take 1-2 garlic cloves.
Should eat black garlic Li Son at the time?
The ideal time to eat black garlic is in the morning before eating. A little advice for you is that after eating Ly Son black you have to drink a glass of water. According to experts, eating black garlic Ly Son in the morning before eating is the best time for the body to absorb all the nutritional value as well as the precious substances in the black lotus and when you add add a glass of water after eating Ly Son black garlic will help the body more easily absorbed and complete the excellent nutrition from black lichen Li Son. Or we can eat in the morning, noon or evening before the 30-minute meal is also very good. The dosage is also very important, you should use 3-4 Liqueur black garlic daily is the most reasonable, then the body will absorb all the nutrients of black garlic Ly Son, if Using more will cause waste because the body is not absorbed and excreted out.
However, there is a note for you are suffering stomach pain (stomach pain), then you eat black garlic Ly Son after eating underwear. Because of the medicinal properties of Ly Son black garlic is very high.
Early morning is the time of bacteria, virus in the body is quite weak so we need to add Ly Son black garlic to thoroughly destroy 100% of harmful bacteria in the body to increase the effectiveness of prevention - treatment. Also, after a night of sleep, our bodies need more energy and nutrients to support a new working day. Especially eating Ly Son black garlic when hungry, when the stomach and intestines are empty will increase the ability to absorb the nutrients of LYNON black garlic into the body. When we eat properly Ly Son black we will have the following effects:
- Very good body scrub.
- Detoxify the liver, protect the liver cells effectively.
- Reduce bad cholesterol in the blood quickly.
- Boost the immune system, prevent disease effectively.
In addition to eating time as above, you can still use at any time you want according to your preferences and individual conditions but need to add 3-5 grams of Li Son black garlic daily to help protect the dark body prefer.







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