Blood pressure reduction effect of black garlic through the ability to remove free radicals

Hypertension - the most common cardiovascular disease in the world. Around 2025, cases of hypertension will increase to 80% in developed countries; 24% in developing countries. Most cases of hypertension are idiopathic, but recent studies have shown that the free radical scavenging effect in the hypothalamic-induced hypothalamus contributes to angiotensin II receptor blockers and CSAR has been shown to reduce blood pressure.

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Black garlic is a new product from garlic that is highly capable of cleansing free radicals. In recent studies, black garlic's anti-free radical activity has been increasingly clarified. The effect of garlic on blood pressure has been studied and this effect is achieved through antioxidant activity and decreased plasma MDA levels as well as in the hypothalamus.
To provide evidence for the blood pressure-lowering effect of black garlic, the following study was conducted in the in vivo model: blood pressure lowering effect on naturally occurring hypertension
1. Blood pressure lowering effect
The initial blood pressure of the two groups was 151 ± 11 mmHg and 185 ± 12 mmHg. After separating each group into 3 small groups and correspondingly for: distilled water, fresh garlic extract, black garlic extract, for 14 weeks the results showed that all three groups in the group had normal initial blood pressure and Group of hypertensive natural blood pressure group after 14 weeks unchanged compared with before treatment. The blood pressure level of the black garlic group compared to that of the white group (using distilled water) was statistically significant, the hypertension index of the hypertensive group after using 14-week black garlic is brought back to normal.
In order to elucidate the mechanisms leading to the reduction of blood pressure, the study assessed the concentrations of two substances:
T-OAC: antioxidant
MDA: oxidant
In plasma and in the hypothalamus of the brain, results are shown below
2. Ability to change antioxidants in plasma
Prior to study treatment, there was a corresponding high blood pressure, low T-OAC and high plasma MDA levels, as shown in the table below:
The study also observed that, after a 14-week period of black garlic consumption, plasma concentrations of T-OAC increased and blood levels of MDA decreased, There is a marked change in the other groups, which suggests that the antioxidant effect of plasma and oxidative stress appears to be due to the effect of black garlic, which occurs concurrently with decreased blood pressure.
CR: Concentration measured initially
VI: Group using distilled water
FG: The group uses white garlic
BG: The group uses black garlic
3. Changes in antioxidant levels at the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus (PVN)
Studies on the concentration of oxidants and antioxidants in the hypothalamus also found that in non-hypertensive organisms, either distilled water or white or black garlic, The levels of antioxidants T-OAC and MDA oxidants are unchanged. However, in the group of naturally occurring hypertension, the black clove group had a marked increase in antioxidant activity and markedly reduced oxidation, measured in the hippocampus. From there came the conclusion that there was a strong correlation between increased antioxidant levels and lowered oxidation levels in the hypothalamus with blood pressure lowering effect of black garlic.
CR: Concentration measured initially
VI: Group using distilled water
FG: The group uses white garlic
BG: The group uses black garlic
Based on the results of the study and the evidence provided previously there is the hypothesis that free radicals present in plasma and parventricular nucleus are the main cause of hypertension. When using black garlic, active ingredients in black garlic like SAC, polyphenols have moved through the blood-brain barrier to the parventricular nucleus and removed free radicals, which results in reduced blood pressure. thanks to the effect on Angiotensin II receptor and CSAR. Black garlic is a great way to prevent the risk of developing hypertension.
In addition to free radical cleansing, the effect of Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors can also be the cause of the blood pressure reduction of black garlic. This enzyme is also one of the important agents causing angiotensin II increase in blood vessels that cause high blood pressure. And there have been many studies showing that the polyphenol compounds present in black garlic have the effect of inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme.
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