Black garlic Ly Son helps weight loss

Besides being a medicine for health, eating black garlic Ly Son also works to lose weight ...

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Besides being a medicine for health, eating black Ly Son also work to lose weight, help you get the physique as you want. So how to eat black garlic to lose weight effectively.
Black Lian garlic helps to lose weight
Eating garlic helps to speed up the metabolism within the body. In addition, the effect of Liqueur black garlic also helps stimulate the nervous system release adrenaline hormone, which helps increase metabolism. At the same time, it helps to prevent the fatty deposits forming up to 40% of the subcutaneous fat. Therefore, if you eat garlic every day, you will not worry about the fat on the body fat ugly.
A study conducted by scientists at the Weizmann Institute in Israel showed that allicin present in garlic is effective as an effective appetite suppressant, which will help release fat, limiting accumulation. of fat in the body. Since fat is easily excreted out, helping the process of weight loss occurs more quickly.
According to Dr. David Mirelman, garlic also works to lower cholesterol, control and prevent diabetes as well as promote cardiovascular health. Garlic after fermentation into black garlic will have the substance is increased several times more than ordinary garlic and the use of black garlic Ly Son is also better than garlic often several times. Including substances such as lysine, calcium, ... many times more than regular fresh garlic. These two drugs work to control weight more effectively, help lower cholesterol, ...
Eat black garlic how to lose weight effectively
Scientists recommend eating 1 to 3 bulbs daily for 8 to 24 weeks, which can lower blood cholesterol levels by about 9%. Thus, the effect is much higher than whether you diet or exercise
In addition to peeled and eaten directly black garlic you can also use black garlic in many different ways. Like 50ml of black garlic or 50ml of black garlic, drink enough water each day (1.5-2 liters of filtered water), combined with regular exercise and regular sleep mode you will eliminate bad fat and get the desired physique.
Please use the black garlic Ly Son as a guide to get the body like you dream. Hope you are succesful.
Let's try it, you're about to lose weight







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