Black garlic effect suddenly - slow the aging process

Aging is a fact that can not be avoided by humans, but fighting diseases associated with longevity and slowing down the aging process is possible. In this article we will discuss why black garlic works to slow down the aging process.

Post date: 28-10-2017

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Causes of aging
The causes of aging are explained by different theories: genetic theory, free radical theory. Among them is the theory of free radicals, according to this theory, the main cause of aging is due to radicals. According to BS. Denham Harman (The University of Nebraska) - the father of free radical theory dating back to 1950: Free radicals are the cause of self-destruction, of cellular aging. It completely breaks down the cell membrane, damaging the genetic material, or destroying the entire cell. It causes the cells to age and cause cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, gastroenteritis, cataracts, retinal degeneration, lung disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, parkinsonism, immune system depression ...
Thus, the aging process takes place in every organ in the body and causes very serious consequences. However, if some positive measures are taken, we can delay the aging process.
Delayed the aging process
To limit the process of aging, it is necessary to limit the growth of free radicals as well as to add substances that help remove free radicals in the body. In advanced countries such as Japan, knowledge of aging is widely available to the population and these measures have helped to extend the life span of the Japanese population to 86 years. In Korea, anti-aging herbs, nutritional supplements, exercise, aging factors ... are popular for people and have extended life expectancy to 78.5 years.
Black garlic is surprisingly effective in slowing down the aging process
Chart of the free radical removal of black garlic compared with other foods:
ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) is a measure of the total antioxidant capacity of foods or supplements. According to the chart analyzing the free radical scavenging of some foods, Black Pepper ranks first in foods that are capable of free radical scavenging - the main cause of aging.
With the use of free radicals in the body, black garlic has been scientifically proved to prevent and support the treatment of chronic diseases, especially the diseases caused by aging. :
- Reduce cholesterol, prevent and reduce obesity
- Stable blood pressure, protect the heart
- Reduced blood sugar
- Lowered liver enzymes, protect liver cells
- Protect nerve cells, enhance memory
- Reduce the aging process, anti-oxidation, reduce stress
- Stimulate the immune system, increase the resistance
- Inhibits the growth of cancer cells
- Stimulate digestion, reduce abdominal distension.







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