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First words, Anfa Black Garlic Wine would like to send our best wishes to health, happiness to all your units. Thank you everyone for trusting and companion with our unit in the past time.
For thousands of years, garlic has been known for: colds, snakebite and infectious diseases, intestinal parasites and skin wounds. To date, people have also discovered that garlic also has special effects in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, blood fat, anti-cancer ...
In fact, it is known to soak fresh garlic daily for good health, a familiar remedy in many families. Not only keep the effects of black garlic, black garlic also has a superior effect compared to fresh garlic we often use. Because in black garlic wine retains allicin active ingredients - the strongest active antibiotics help the body prevent the disease best.
Black garlic wine safe quality has been censored by the Ministry of Health and functional verification provides great value for health.
We take pride and confidence in our business reputation, product quality, consumer health and, above all, our strong belief in the value of tradition honored and the original foundation of the Games national brand.
An Tien Phat Joint Stock Company with its excellent products help protect the health of you and your family such as:
  • Prevents arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and digestive support.
  • Providing protein shortages in the body.
  • Provides antiaging agents, and prevents cancer.
  • Reduce blood fat, and stabilize the heart.
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An enthusiastic consultant to help you UNDERSTAND - EASY - RIGHT - Help protect the health of the Vietnamese
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