Sea cucumber Wine

New nutrients from deep sea, cool the body, increase vitality and improve health. Product Name: Sea Cucumber. Soaking time: 5 years Origin: Ly Son Island - Quang Ngai

Sea cucumber Wine

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Sea Cucumber (Scientific Name: Stichopus japonicus selenka) is a marine invertebrate, living on the sandy bottom or coral dead, mostly concentrated in the depths of 20-50m. where there are many reefs. In Vietnam, sea cucumber is pretty much in the sea of Hoang Sa, Truong Sa, Con Dao, Phu Quoc, Tho Chu ...


According to traditional medicine, salted sea cucumber, warm properties, with the use of kidneys, ejaculate, blood nourishing apple, are often used to treat diseases such as hemorrhoids loss, impotence, impotence, dreaming, urinating many times, constipation ... Cucumber is quite useful:
- Good strengthening, especially good for damaged cases.
- Renal insufficiency, suitable for cases of genital herpes, impotence, urination several times at night.
- The apple voice is very good for people with constipation, diabetes (diabetes).
- Urinary retrograde, suitable for cases of edema caused by kidney and jaundice due to different causes.
- Blood donation, often used for cases of anemia.
- Anti-cancer, often used to treat cancer cases.

Therefore, since ancient times, sea cucumber has been considered one of the "four great names" (four famous food) along with monkeys, bear hands and Salanganes'Nest of traditional and oriental cuisine. is the "ginseng of the sea". On the food side, many yoghurts are considered one of the eight best-known dishes of the East with Salanganes'Nest, abalone, fins ...
Sea cucumber is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. Chinese scientists estimate that every 100 grams of dried sea cucumber contains 76 grams of protein, five times higher than lean meat and 3.5 times the amount of beef. Cucumber also contains high levels of precious amino acids such as lysine, proline ... and many trace elements such as P, Cu, Fe ..., especially Se - a wonderful antidote, Heavy metals enter the body through food (such as Pb, Hg) to excrete into the urine. In addition, there are many vitamins, hormones, biologically active substances, including 2 types of saponins, Rg (nerve stimulation, anti-fatigue and physical strength) and Rh (inhibits cancer cells).
The results of modern pharmacology research show that sea cucumber works to increase the resistance and enhance the immune capacity of the body, inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancer cells; fight muscle fatigue, maintain high activity state; against aging; enhanced mental activity and increased reflexes, psychological stability; supplementation of blood-forming factors, increased blood circulation, improved oxygen absorption and anti-fatigue of the heart muscle. It also catalyzes enzymatic reactions, promotes metabolism and absorption, and proliferation of protein synthesis. Moreover, because it contains very little lipid and almost no cholesterol, sea cucumber is ideal for people with dyslipidemia and coronary artery disease.
To achieve the purpose of both nutritious food and medicine, it is often used in combination with sea cucumber with some food or other medicinal preparation into dishes - very unique medicine:
- Duodenal ulcer: Use sea cucumber intestine on the soil tile, dry it and dry it into powder, drink twice a day, 0.5-1 g each time.
- anemia: use the sea cucumber and apple (equal amount of seeds), dry and then powder, drink 2 times a day, 9 g each time with warm water; Or use a sea cucumber to bring a stew with a rustic rusty enough and a little bit of alum sugar, eat during the day.
Cucumber hemorrhoids 500 g, glaucoma 250 g, 120 g, three dried, powdered, 3 times a day, 15 g each time with warm water.
- Nerve damage due to kidney damage (head of eye irritation, headache pain, ear ringing deafness, insomnia, ejaculation, premature ejaculation): use 30 g ginger custard with sticky rice 100 g into porridge, Spicy enough, eat several times a day.
Hypertension and arteriosclerosis: Use 50 grams of tunnels, make a little bit of alum sugar, eat during the day.
Sea cucumbers 30 g, 120 g pig pig intestine clean, 15 g black ear fungus, 3 stewed potatoes, spice addiction, continuous eating for several days.
30 g ginseng, 60 g pork backbone, 15 g gingerbread, 15 g, cleaned, stewed, seasoned, eaten for several days.
Celery: Sea ginger 20 g stewed with goat meat 100 g, eat during the day.
Sea cucumber 480 g (star aniseed), peach nuggets 100 seeds, goat kidney 4-6 double, weight 240 g, rabbit eater 240 g, triple 124 g 120 g of star anise, 120 g of starch, 120 g of starch, 120 g of starch, 120 g of starch All dried, powdered and then mixed with honey to complete, each tablet weighs about 9 g, 3 times a day, 3 times a day.
- Epilepsy: dried goose liver, powdered, each drink 12 g with wine, continuous for several days.
- Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids: Use enough sea cucumbers to burn them, each time use 1.5 g of a 6 g mix in boiling water to drink and drink 3 times a day.
Especially the sea cucumber is soaked in wine for 3 years, when the sea cucumber has disintegrated and the nutrients mixed with wine, how much care from the sea cumulate, with sea cucumber you do not need to be processed Turns out, just drinking is how much nutrition is on your body

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